Memaw Trouble “Gator Tales and Old-Timey Florida”

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Listen to Memaw Trouble spill the beans on pioneer Florida as remember stories of late 19th – early 20th century life – turpentine camps, ice cream socials, quilting bees, church meetings, and cane grinds. Meet her irascible mule, Jake, and her cat, Blackdog – with a tail so long you can hang a whole week’s wash on it. Then there’s that rascally raccoon, that kin make an old woman’s dream come true…sorta’. Dependin’ on her mood, she might have whole bunch more stories under her apron about ‘gators, woodstorks, dolphins.

Memaw Trouble puts together a program composed of old Cracker tales and real life stories based on the memoirs of St. Petersburg pioneer woman, Mattie Lou [Boswell] Cherbonneux. A few Native American legends and stories gleaned from Sunshine State Tourists can also get told once Memaw gets wound up.

Time: 45 minutes plus 15 minutes Q & A
Performance Fee: $150.00 (additional charge for travel, accommodation, and meals 60 miles).