Program: La Cocina de Florida – 16th Century Cuisine

Orange and Honey Salad

Date and Orange Delight

Salt and Spice Boxes

presented by Elizabeth Neily and Sheila Benjamin

Time: 3-4 hours

One of the best things about historical reenacting is the food. Oh yes, firing period cannons has it’s moments, but when all is said and done, the army marches on its stomach, and no better than when we throw a feast.

Join Elizabeth, Sheila and friends in exploring the wonderful world of 16th century cuisine. At this hands-on workshop, you will learn to make a potpourri of Spanish and Native American recipes, featuring period kitchen utensils, recipes and traditional culinary delights of Spain and New World influences, with just the right dash of history. Elizabeth and Sheila dress in period clothing and share stories about women in Spain and New Spain. The food preparation is done outdoors over a fire pit, but when inclement weather rolls in , we are prepared with hot plates.


Chicken Cousous, Salada, Tortillas, Date and Orange Delight, Sangria and Spicy Chocolate – the drink of the gods!

Pre-registration is required. These programs have sold out in past venues. Seats should be limited to 30 participants.

Participants tickets – $45.

Performance Fee: $300.00 per performer plus Travel, Accommodation, and Meals

Vegetables, Fruit and Breads