Program 3: Tocobaga Economy

Presented by Hermann Trappman and Elizabeth Neily

In the Bays and shallow bayous, Tocobaga clans had designated net fishing, and shellfish gathering grounds and seasons. Mullet and mackerel formed massive rivers during the late autumn, winter, and early spring. They provided a fabulous resource for the people. Just like with fishing, certain clans were assigned specific hunting territories. Hunting provided a more important resource for people living in the interior.

Artists Hermann Trappman and Elizabeth Neily will explore Tocobaga activities of woodworking, weaving, house building, canoe building, horticulture and trade.


Powerpoint presentation with some reproduction artifacts for a hands-on experience.

Time: 45 minutes plus 15 minutes Q&A Performance

Fee per performer: $150.00 Additional Charge for Travel, Accommodation, and Meals 60 miles