Mound Builders 2

Prayer for a New Dawn by Hermann Trappman

Prayer for a New Dawn by Hermann Trappman


A Prayer for a New Dawn

This mound complex overlooked Bayboro Harbor in downtown St. Petersburg where Bayfront Medical Center is now located. Some things never change.

!  remember playing on the remnants of one of these mounds and the enclosing berm as a child at Roser Park Elementary School. During recess I’d be thrilled at the occasional find of an arrow point in the playground.

This 1879 map shows a detail of south Pinellas where several Indian mounds were located.

Years later I happened upon this old map of Tampa Bay that delineated where the mounds were located. I was able to extrapolate the vague outlines as seen in the insert above into a 3D image and then with the help of a computer program called Bryce, was able to create the beginnings of the ancient city on the hill that ran down to Booker Creek and Bayboro Harbor.

Sadly they are all gone now. No archaeology was ever done here.

3D rendering of Indian Mounds in downtown St. Petersburg as envisioned by Hermann Trappman.