Birth of our Solar System


Accretion Disk

Everything is Connected

Those years when great dust storms from Africa’s Sahara Desert drift across the Atlantic Ocean, depositing their fine reddish sand on Florida, are periods of minimal hurricane activity. Everything on our beautiful cloud covered planet is interconnected. However small, it is connected. This peninsula, along with the Gulf of Mexico, is one of the most marvelous places on Earth.


Our recent beginnings start with the birth of the Sun. Our Sun was made up of debris from at least two stars before it. . the heavier elements like iron, cobalt and nickel are created in temperatures at the core of a Super Nova. Ours is an iron rich star. The inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, contain iron. The outer planets, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, are balls of gas and ice.

Forming Nodes

Forming Nodes

It is the iron core, embedded in deep molten layers of rock within the structure of the Earth, that drives the protective magnetic shield surrounding our planet. It is that same makeup which causes the shifting motion of the continents. It makes our planet a living world.







The Hubble and Spitzer Space telescopes have revealed some aspects of stellar birth. In that moment, jets of energy explode out from each pole of the star. The stellar jets streak out a trillion miles from side to side. In that same moment, a sheet of energy flashes out from the star’s equator. It’s that flash of energy which forms the planets along the plane of the accretion disk.


Sun Nearing Flash Point

Sun Nearing Flash Point


Birth of the Solar System


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