First Florida Frontiers, Inc.

First Florida Frontiers, Inc. is a company of the Historic Florida Militia, Inc., a non-profit umbrella organization supporting re-created historic interpretive units and representing a number of cultures and time periods. First Florida Frontiers is a “museum without walls concept,” supported in the past by grants from the Florida Department of State and Florida Humanities Council, and in 2016 a grant from the Gulfport Merchants Association. Florida Frontiers partners with museums, libraries, parks, and other cultural institutions throughout Florida.

First Florida Frontiers actively recruits and trains new members to interpret Florida’s long and fascinating history. Members are encouraged to research various time periods and become steeped in the daily life of people who lived in Florida or migrated here from other parts of the world. We pay particular attention to interpreting Florida’s first inhabitants and the early Spaniards who migrated here in the 16th century. We also participate in living history events, re-enactments and special events.


This site features the work of artists Hermann Trappman and Elizabeth Neily. All images are under copyright to Neily Trappman Studio unless otherwise noted.