Birth of Our Earth

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Birth of Our Earth

Earth 40 Millin Years Ago

After the collision with Theia, the space around the Earth was littered with debris. The impact had reheated our world to the point that some of he surface returned to a liquid state again. Theia’s iron core was drawn down, crashing into our planet. Sinking through the lighter liquid surface rocks, much of it joined our core. Day and night there was a rain of burned out meteorites.

Our planet’s crust quickly began to reform. The moon rises above an environment pounded by meteorites. Even though the new sun is a smaller, a slightly weaker star, Earth’s atmosphere is thin, offering no protection from solar radiation. The life sustaining atmosphere we have had to arrive from somewhere else.

The new solar system was littered with rubble, stuff left over from the explosive birth of our star. Meteors, asteroids, and comets continued to impact our moon and this planet. But their chemistry was different then the remains of Theia. They were the chemistry that would build the world that you know. Ice meteorites peppered the night sky, icy comets brought water, and asteroids carried needed mineral resources. The sky is tinted an evening orange color because there in no ozone and very little oxygen in the atmosphere. Oceans appeared early on that developing planet.
Earth - Hadean

Our sizable iron core drives the electromagnetic force field which helps protect us from the worst of solar storms. The oceans were the cradle of life because they protected its deeper chemistry from some of the intense ultraviolet radiation

Standing on that Hadean world it would have been hard to imagine a world of surging oceans, the cool shade beneath a spreading oak, or the look in the eyes of a loved one. It took all of that incredible prehistory to build a planet which could sustain life, which would nurture life. We, our bodies, are the some total of everything which has come before.


Earth - Red Water Hadean


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