Maria Velásquez – Conquistadora

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Elizabeth Neily tells the crowd at De Soto National Memorial, Bradenton about women’s roles in New Spain and Florida.

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As one of the first women to arrive in La Florida in 1528., Maria accompanied her husband on the Panfilo de Narváez expedition. Women on the expedition? Sí! Governor Panfilo de Narváez was commissioned by King Charles V, to start a colony in Florida. He brought with him about 600 people, including 10 women. They may have come along to protect their investment – women’s dowries were often used to help finance the journey. She’ll tell you about the adventures aboard a Spanish caravel and how the Governor reacted when she told him what the soothsayer in Seville had predicted. But did he listened? Along with her clothing, a Spanish woman might carry items for her new home. Elizabeth will discuss some of the important roles that women played the settlement of the Spanish Main.

Time: 45 minutes plus 15 minutes Q & A

Performance Fee: $150.00

Additional charge for travel, accommodation, and meals over 60 miles.