Hands-On Activity 1: Spirit Dolls

Presented by Elizabeth Neily

Take a walk in the museum to find inspiration for your Spirit Doll. Then make your Spirit Doll using pine needles for the body. Dress it with all kinds of fibers and bits and pieces of beads and old jewelry,

Consider setting an intention for this doll. Self-love? Healing? Prosperity? To deepen your intuition? To mark the current season or special occasion? This doll will hold that energy for you. As you make her (or him), you will be meditating on your intention and listening for guidance. Or just have fun, allowing the spirit of the doll develop organically. When finished you will name her and imbue her with the spirit of her power.

Gather your supplies from the materials provided.

This is a perfect activity for groups of friends or theme parties.

Time: 2-3 hours

Fee per person: $35.