Hermann says: Alligators

The news has publicized attacks by alligators recently. The State of Florida has declared a two and a half month season for killing alligators. The gator hunters are going after the big males. Florida is an amazing piece of geography. Its deep geology is all African. Above that, the rock is limestone, sandstone and limy sandstone, layer upon layer. When the Yucatan Peninsula was hit by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, Florida was closer to it. Life in North America was almost totally erased. The first critters to return were the turtles. Alligators originated from China. They show up in the fossil record in North America fairly early after the blast.

Like always, the State’s lawmakers come from a position of absolute and total ignorance. Alligators are territorial. The big males control the population and how it’s distributed. The big males know the rules. They are the alligators who keep the peace and they’re the ones the gator hunters go after because there’s more money in them. Killing them destabilizes the population. It’s usually the sub-adult, late teen-age alligators who attack people. The developers, with the lawmakers in their pockets, are building ever further into the swampy lands needed to support gators. These low-lying lands flood during times of intense rains, leaving home owners with flooded homes. The lawmakers know the land is bad and the developers know the land is flood prone, but there is big money in selling every inch of a low lying state during a period in intense global warming and sea level rise. Get the money while you can, is their slogan. Developers used to sell people from up north, plots of real estate which were underwater. It’s just part of a new a real estate scam.

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