Period Clothing

In the 16th Century clothing styles were as diverse as anything worn in the 21st Century. In fact it was more elaborate and more intricate than anything put out by haute couturiers on the modern fashion scene. Noble men and women flashed as much bling as they could over their sumptuous silks and fine linens. They were so over the top that the Vatican began passing sumptuary laws to try to get the lords and ladies to tone it down, to no avail. For example when laws were passed to ban fabric woven with gold threads, the designers would  simply do appliqués of gold. Ostentatious flamboyance was de rigeur and nothing would stand in the way of a man or woman and their style

Don’t think of the Native American population as any less style conscious. Yes, their materials were different, but their clothing and adornments were just as ornate and beautifully made. Unfortunately not a lot of it survives. Fabrics made of natural fibers breakdown and deteriorate in the warm, humid climate of Florida. Only tantalizing vestiges of it remain.

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